this is a very BIG release!

  • live search library of all the contents
  • fixed many CSS layout issues
  • the nice Treba theme by Phu Ly (revised)
  • a gem package for an easier installation


requirements: Ruby 1.8.4 with gems. Only for windows: sqlite3 dll must be available in the path (for example in c:\ruby\bin )

if you are ok with the requirements you can download the packed gem and open a terminal (cmd for windows) in the same folder you have downloaded it, than type:

UPDATE: Now compages is directly available on RubyForge. So installation is even simpler,

just type:

gem install compages --include-dependencies

after finish, to install compages in a folder, type:
compages install your-folder-name

if you want to give it a try, type from within the folder:
mongrel_rails start

and browse to

OK, that’s done! have fun, and give me your feedback, please!
You can track issues on




ok, the Compages demo site is up and running! Try it!
Thanks to Pratik of freeonrails for the hosting ;)

Yes, it’s not July, but I’m finally back. I’ve got some news for you “25 readers”: I’ve performed a full revision of the entire project. The main concept is to make the administrative side looking like a daily newspaper. With this comes many other improvements like Dublin Core metadatas (data about data), iTunes-like content browsing and no more than three links ( = choices) per pages on the average. Let’s go in depth:

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At least untill July this project will be a little sill. I’m sorry for this slowdown. I’m dealing with some examinations at university.

New LayoutHere is the “listing pages” page with the new CSS layout. I had some troubles with IE, but are almost resolved. Now the IE CSS rendering looks still a little worse, but that’s bearable. ;)The design is still inspired by those childish icons I’ve recently drawn…

I have a couple of credits for this (tiny?) work:

Though the latter is not comparable with Firebug, the DevToolbar has its own worth.

New icons


icons.pngNew icons, thanks for inspiration to the great iSystem icons by David Lanham. The first column represent generic symbols (hompages logo, a new magnifier, an editing pencil, a deleting 'X', a saving 'V', a little world, a back arrow) eventually combined with the symbols in the first row (hompages logo, a page, an element, a content).

Ok guys, Compages is running to version 1 in a few weeks, at this state you have to checkout the trunk revision from the SVN repository and run rake db:schema:load.

I put some example data to sql-import in the db dir.

Any kind of feedback is welcome!!!

UPDATE nov-9-06 : now it’s much more simple: there’s an online demo! check it out!!!